Launching two responsive redesigns in two weeks

June of 2013 was a big month for me. I launched two different responsive redesigns for two different papers within two weeks of each other.

The first of the two was for I’d begun working on the earliest phases of the redesign before leaving the company and moving to Colorado Springs for my wife. The World saw a lot of promise in my early work and decided to keep me on Ina freelance arrangement to finish of the redesign, which I did in June.

I built on top of the then new and revolutionary Bootstrap CSS framework. The idea was to encourage editorial judgement in the design of the website just like in the print product. To this end I had to plan out and test a boggling number of possible combinations of content. It was quite A daunting task considering that I had to plan three iterations — mobile, tablet and desktop — for each possible combination.

Ultimately, I was very satisfied with the outcome. I put a powerful toolkit into the hands of a skilled web editing staff and the allows them to customize their site to a level I’ve rarely seen elsewhere.

This second for I was brought on board in January of 2013 after the Colorado Springs gazette was purchased by Clarity Media. Thankfully, I played a more supporting role in this redesign and was focused on adjusting and customizing an existing set of battle-tested CSS instead of staring from scratch. was also built on Bootstrap. Unlike, the decision was made before I arrived to build with only a special responsive view for mobile devices which simplified things exponentially. The device to plan for is the tablet, so punting on that saved a good deal of time and sanity. has similar customization options to, but thankfully, fewer and more predictable options. It still necessitated an hard learned understanding of the value of percentage based widths and careful planning.Bootstrap helped immensely and I think it’s telling that every site I’ve worked on since these projects has begun with Bootstrap; including this one.